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Boost your confidence by building friendships with British students

Coming to study at university is a daunting proposition for anyone who has never left home before, but for international students coming to study and live in the UK creates additional challenges and difficulties. Florencia Ocampos Alderete is a First Year Landscape Architecture student at the University of Sheffield and endured, perhaps, the toughest start to life in the UK one can have as an international student when she left her home in Villarrica, Paraguay, South America, in January 2021.

Meet the man who has completed a 10-year mission to get his annual carbon footprint to under two tons

It was June this year when Duncan logged onto his computer, searched up an online carbon footprint calculator and began frantically filling in all of the required sections about his lifestyle. Curious to know where he now stood with regards to his carbon footprint, he awaited the final result. And then came the epiphany. In just a second, Duncan grasped that a long-standing life ambition had been fulfilled. In that moment, he realised he now had an annual carbon footprint under two tons and in d

Why COP26 is Another ‘Cop Out’ for Young People and Poorer Nations

Hundreds of people protest outside Arundel Gate Interchange in Sheffield on the ‘Global Day of Action’ As COP26 reached its protracted, dramatic end with negotiations going into stoppage-time like a football team scrambling for a last-minute winner, the overwhelming sense felt was one of bitterness and a missed opportunity. The Glasgow climate summit was billed as a defining moment for humanity in combating the climate crisis in this ‘critical decade’. Then, how, can what has unfolded from COP2

Hundreds of people march across Sheffield city centre in climate change protest

Hundreds of people have marched across Sheffield city centre demanding climate justice and for governments and leaders around the globe to take the action that is needed to reverse the climate crisis. Sheffielders walked down from Devonshire Green at about 1pm on Saturday 6th November across the city centre, culminating in a large gathering of people outside Sheffield City Hall where speeches and live performances took place. Lucinda Wakefield, one of the event’s organisers from the Sheffield